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    Security and Crime

    6 dead, 12 wounded in separate attacks

    CHARIKAR (PAN): Four Taliban were killed and five others wounded during an operation by Afghan soldiers in the central province of Parwan, an official said on Wednesday.


    ACCI win football cup

    CHARIKAR (PAN): The Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) won the Police Football Cup in central Parwan province, officials said on Sunday.

    Security and Crime

    Senate deputy chairman escapes unhurt in life attempt

    CHARIKAR (PAN): The second deputy chairman of the Meshrano-Jirga, or upper house of Parliament, narrowly escaped an attempt on his life in the Qarabagh district of Kabul province, officials said on Sunday.

    Security and Crime

    Rockets hit Bagram airfield

    CHARIKAR (PAN): Two rockets landed at the main US military base in the Bagram district of central Parwan province on Saturday night, an official said on Sunday.

    Security and Crime

    Bodies of German hikers delivered to ISAF forces

    CHARIKAR (PAN): The dead bodies of a pair of German hikers, who went missing two weeks ago in central Parwan province, have been recovered and handed over to foreign forces, officials said Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    ISAF soldier among 3 injured in Panjsher attack

    CHARIKAR (PAN): A foreign soldier, a policeman and an Afghan interpreter were injured in a Taliban attack in the Hesaye Duwum district of central Panjsher province, officials said on Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    Nomads arrested for killing 2 German hikers

    CHARIKAR (PAN):  Four Kochis (nomads) have been arrested on the charge of killing two German hikers who were found dead after going missing tw

    Security and Crime

    Disabled girl found dead in Parwan

    CHARIKAR (PAN): The body of a disabled girl was found dumped in a ruined house on the outskirts of Charikar, the capital of central Parwan province, on Friday, police said.

    Security and Crime

    Militant group joins peace process

    FAIZABAD (PAN): An 18-member militant group, led by Maulvi Abdul Hadi, has joined the peace process in the Daraim district of northern Badakhshan province, the governor said on Saturday.

    Security and Crime

    Mosque suicide bombing bid foiled

    FAIZABAD (PAN): Residents of the Baharak district of northeastern Badakhshan province captured a 16-year-old would-be suicide bomber with an explosive vest ahead of Juma prayers, officials said on Saturday.