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    Security and Crime

    Taliban leader killed along with 2 aliens

    FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): A Taliban-designated district chief has been killed along with two foreign militants during an airstrike in northeastern Badakhshan province, an official said Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    Taliban-designated governor among 14 killed

    FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): A Taliban-designated governor was killed along with 14 associates in the Jurm district of northeastern Badakhshan province, an official said on Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    4 policemen lost to Badakhshan bombing

    FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): Three border policemen, including their commander, were killed in a roadside bombing in the Ashkimish district of northeastern Badakhshan province, an official said Sunday.

    Security and Crime

    14 rebels killed, 12 injured in Badakhshan clash

    FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): At least 14 Taliban militants, including two foreigners, were killed and a dozen others wounded after they stormed a security forces base in northeastern Badakhshan province, an official said on Saturday.

    Security and Crime

    Civilians among 8 killed in Badakhshan

    FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): Four militants, two civilians and as many Afghan National Army (ANA) troops have been killed during an ongoing security operation in the Jurm district of northeastern Badakhshan province.


    Protestors call for Amarkhel’s trial

    FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): Residents of Badakhshan and Kapisa provinces on Monday staged protest demonstrations against alleged fraud in the June 14 runoff election, calling for the election commission secretary’s trial.


    Amu River flooding threatens village

    FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): Overflowing Amu River poses a serious threat to the people of the Shahr-i-Bozurg district of northeastern Badakhshan province, residents said on Monday.

    Security and Crime

    Govt forces retake Badakhshan area after a year

    FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): Afghan security forces regained control of the Farghamiri area of the Jurm district of Badakhshan province after one year on Sunday, officials said.


    65 complaints registered in Badakhshan

    FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) on Thursday confirmed receiving 65 complaints and said some of them, if found valid, could affect the result.


    Nonagenarian votes to discharge his duty

    FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): A 94-year-old man, after casting his vote in northeastern Badakhshan province, said on Saturday he considered franchise as a national responsibility.