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    BAMYAN CITY, Oct 08, 2012: Farmers collect potatoes harvest from their fields in central Bamyan province.
    Bamyan is well-known for potatoes production in Afghanistan.

    BAMYAN CITY, Oct 01, 2012: Governor Habiba Sorabi attends a joint press conference with New Zealand Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman in the capital city of central Bamyan province.

    Accidents & Disasters

    UNAMA staffers hurt in emergency landing

    BAMYAN CITY (PAN): Seven UN employees, who were injured when the helicopter carrying them made an emergency landing in the central province of Bamyan, officials said on Monday.


    Township for 50,000 being built in Bamyan

    BAMYAN CITY (PAN): Work on a township project for 50,000 people has been launched in the Yakawlang district of central Bamyan province, an official said on Saturday.


    Bamyan University gets 3 new buildings

    BAMYAN (PAN): Three newly-constructed buildings for agriculture and education faculties as well as the administrative affairs department of Bamyan University were inaugurated on Thursday, officials said.

    Security and Crime,Education

    Girls’ high school blown up in Bamyan

    BAMYAN CITY (PAN): Unidentified men blew up a girls’ high school in the Shibar district of central Bamyan province Thursday morning, officials said.

    Business & Economics

    Work on Bamyan airport expansion launched

    BAMYAN (PAN): Work on a $15 million (781 million afghanis) airport expansion project was launched in the central province of Bamyan on Wednesday, officials said.  


    ADB-funded road asphalted in Bamyan

    BAMYAN CITY (PAN): A 98-kilometre road was asphalted in Bamyan, reducing the four-hour distance between the provincial capital and Yakawlang district to 80 minutes, officials said on Wednesday.

    Business & Economics

    Fuel prices double in Bamyan

    BAMYAN CITY (PAN): A halt to work on coalmines has lead to a hundred percent increase in fuel prices especially coal, in the central province of Bamyan, residents complained on Thursday.


    New Zealand troops to leave Bamyan next year

    BAMYAN (PAN): The New Zealand defence minister, pledging $2 million in annual aid to Afghanistan over the next few years, on Monday announced troops from his country would be pulled out of central Bamyan province before 2014.