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    BAMYAN CITY, Feb 11, 2014: A mother with her children sits outside of their residential cave in central Bamyan province.
    A number of families are living in caves in the central province.


    Voter cards demanded for Gizab dwellers

    NEILI (Pajhwok): Three thousand people have signed an open letter calling on the government to issue voter registration cards to residents of Gizab district and increase the number of polling stations in central Daikundi province.

    BAMYAN CITY, Feb 05, 2014: Mullah Besmullah, representative of 300 families in Sari-Ghondak area of Shibar district in central Bamyan province, in an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News

    BAMYAN CITY, Feb 04, 2014: Ghulam Ali Wahdat, Bamyan governor addresses a gathering in connection of upcoming election in central Bamyan province.

    BAMYAN CITY, Feb 04, 2014: Residents attend a gathering in connection of upcoming election in central Bamyan province.
    PAJHWOK/Hadi Ghafari


    Poll campaign: Daikundi residents await candidates

    NEILI (Pajhwok): Residents of central Daikundi province say they are interested in knowing about programmes of presidential candidates, who they complain are yet to visit them as part of electioneering.

    Security and Crime

    Residents air security concerns ahead of polls

    BAMYAN CITY (Pajhwok): Hundreds of residents of the Shibar district in central Bamyan province on Wednesday complained of the presence of illegal gunmen in the areas, fearing they might not vote in the April elections.


    Meddling in campaign intolerable: Wahdat

    BAMYAN CITY (Pajhwok): The governor on Tuesday said government officials would not be allowed to campaign for election candidates in central Bamyan province.

    Accidents & Disasters

    Heavy snow cuts off Bamyan from Kabul

    BAMYAN CITY (Pajhwok): Shibar Pass, one of the two main routes between Kabul and central Bamyan province, has been closed by heavy snow, leaving several vehicles stranded, drivers said on Monday.


    Ghani campaign team swings into action

    BAMYAN CITY (Pajhwok): Presidential runner Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai’s election campaign office swung into amid security concerns in central Bamyan province on Sunday.