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    Security and Crime

    22 rebels killed in Kunar, Nuristan clashes

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): At least 22 militants have been killed and 18 others wounded in different incidents of violence in eastern Kunar and Nuristan provinces, officials said on Friday.


    Hundreds appear in test for nursing course

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Hundreds of girls participated in entry tests for midwifery and nursing courses in the eastern province of Kunar, authorities said on Monday.


    Stray dogs bite 80 in 3 months in Kunar

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): About 80 people have been bitten by stray dogs during the past three months in the capital and some districts of eastern Kunar province, public health officials say.


    Pakistan fires 73 rockets into Kunar

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Local officials on Saturday accused Pakistani forces of firing 73 more rockets into the eastern province of Kunar, inflicting financial losses residents.

    Security and Crime

    Kunar explosion leaves 2 children dead

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Two children were killed and two others wounded in a mortar shell blast in eastern Kunar province, an official said on Saturday.

    Security and Crime

    Shelling displaces more Kunar families

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): The latest shelling from across the Durand Line has left hundreds of civilians displaced in eastern Kunar Province, an official said on Thursday.

    Security and Crime

    Insurgents among 22 killed in Kunar clash

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): At least 16 insurgents were killed in a firefight with Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers in eastern Kunar province on Friday, an official said.

    Security and Crime

    1 child killed, 5 hurt in Kunar mortar attack

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): One child was killed and five others were wounded during a mortar attack in the capital of eastern Kunar province on Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    2 ANA soldiers killed in Kunar blast

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Two Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers were killed and seven others wounded during an explosion in eastern Kunar province, an official said on Monday.