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    Security and Crime

    Pakistani troops fire 862 rockets into Kunar

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): During the last six days, Pakistani army troops have fired around 862 missiles into eastern Kunar province, inflicting heavy financial loses, local officials said on Saturday.


    Pakistan attacks aimed to scuttle vote: Jalala

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Pakistan has intensified rocket attacks on eastern Kunar province in a bid to scuttle the second round of presidential elections, the governor alleged on Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    Pakistan shelling leaves 1 dead, 15 injured

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Rockets fired by Pakistani troops into eastern Kunar province on Monday left one person dead and 15 others wounded, the provincial police chief said.

    Security and Crime

    125 more rockets fired into Kunar

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Pakistani troops have fired 125 more rockets into eastern Kunar province since morning, an official said on Sunday.


    Elders want fraud-tainted officials fired

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Tribal elders and religious scholars in eastern Kunar province on Sunday asked the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to sack its employees accused of fraud in the first round of presidential elections.

    Security and Crime

    9 fighters blown up by own bomb in Kunar

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Nine insurgents were killed when the landmine they were planting exploded prematurely in eastern Kunar province, an official said on Saturday.

    Security and Crime

    2 boys killed in Kunar militants attack

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Two young boys were killed when militants fired rockets Marora district in eastern Kunar province on Wednesday, an official said.

    Security and Crime

    4 rebels dead in Nuristan drone strike

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Four rebels were killed and two others wounded following a drone attack in eastern Nuristan province on Wednesday morning, an official said.

    Security and Crime

    18 more missiles fired into Kunar

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Eighteen missiles were fired by the Pakistan army into eastern Kunar province, an official claimed on Monday, when top military commanders were scheduled to meet in Kabul.

    Security and Crime

    Rebels launch attacks in 8 Kunar towns

    ASADABAD (Pajhwok): Taliban insurgents launched coordinated attacks on security forces in eight districts of eastern Kunar province early Monday morning, with clashes in some areas still ongoing, police said.