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    Senate team to probe Quran desecration

    KABUL (PAN): The Meshrano Jirga on Tuesday decided to send a delegation to central Parwan province for investigating the alleged desecration of the Quran by US soldiers, a controversy that sparked angry protests.


    Qadir elected deputy speaker of Wolesi Jirga

    KABUL (PAN): Lawmaker Haji Abdul Zahir Qadir was elected as first deputy speaker of the Wolesi Jirga, lower house of Parliament, in the administrative board polls on Monday.


    Real civil society reps not invited to Bonn conference: ACCJ

    KABUL (PAN): The Afghan Civil Society Coordination Jirga (ACCJ) chief on Saturday said some individuals selected through a ballot process for participation in the second Bonn conference were not real civil society representatives.

    Security and Crime

    Minister promises 50pc cut in poppy cultivation

    KABUL (PAN): Counternarcotics Minister Zarar Ahmad Muqbil said on Tuesday poppy cultivation would be reduced by 50 percent over the five years.


    13 polio cases detected in Helmand, Kandahar & Farah

    KABUL (PAN): Thirteen cases of polio have been detected in Afghanistan's three provinces, President Hamid Karzai has said. The disease has been eliminated from the rest of the country.

    Security and Crime

    Officials prepare for Kabul security transfer

    KABUL (PAN): Afghan officials are preparing for the transfer of security responsibility to Afghan security forces in Kabul, officials said Tuesday, but some analysts say that Afghan security forces should be better armed.

    Security and Crime

    Harsh sentences for drug smugglers

    KABUL (PAN): At least 15 individuals were sentenced to three to 20 years of imprisonment and hard labor on charges of drug smuggling, officials said on Saturday.


    Alako: No security without justice, rule of law

    KABUL (PAN): Attorney General Mohammad Ishaq Alako said judicial officials are ready to ensure justice and the rule of law in the provinces where Afghans are slated to assume security responsibility soon.

    Business & Economics

    Over 3 million Afghans manufacturing, and trafficking drugs

    KABUL (PAN): The Deputy Interior Minister of Counter Narcotics said on Monday that over three million Afghans, based mostly in the provinces, are involved in manufacturing or trafficking

    Security and Crime

    Remains of Kabul Bank assailant to be returned to Pakistani Embassy

    KABUL (PAN):  Two men were executed Monday for an attack on Jalalabad’s Kabul Bank that left 40 dead and 90 injured.