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    Scholars for ban on bank lottery schemes

    KABUL (PAN): Religious scholars in this central capital have asked the Afghan government to ban lottery programmes initiated by private banks as the scheme is un-Islamic.


    Prisoners with incurable disease left to die in Pul-i-Charkhi

    KABUL (PAN): There are two dozen inmates at the Pul-i- Charkhi prison in Kabul with chronic illnesses or disorders. Under Afghanistans penal law, they should be treated in hospital or released.


    China lends weight to Karzai's proposal

    KABUL (PAN): Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on Tuesday supported the channeling of 50 percent of foreign aid to the Afghan government.


    40 delegates arrive for Kabul Conference

    KABUL (PAN): Forty foreign dignitaries, including foreign ministers of France, Poland and Spain, have arrived in Kabul to participate in Tuesday's international conference, an official said on Monday.


    Karzai to reveal security transition plan

    KABUL (PAN): President Hamid Karzai will present his plan for the transition of control of security from international soldiers to Afghans at the Kabul International Conference on July 20, an official said on Wednesday.

    Security and Crime

    Roadside bombs account for 80pc of deaths: MoD

    KABUL (PAN): Nearly 80 per cent of civilian and military deaths are caused by roadside bombs, a deadly weapon largely used by the Taliban to target foreign and Afghan forces, the Ministry of Defence said on Monday.

    Security and Crime

    Rally assails raid on seminary

    KABUL (PAN): Students of a religious school in central Kabul province on Tuesday staged a protest demonstration against foreign and Afghan forces for raiding their seminary and arresting three teachers.

    Security and Crime

    1000kg of banned fertiliser seized

    KABUL (PAN): Afghan security forces have seized hundreds of kilos of ammonium nitrate fertiliser, widely used in Afghanistan to make homemade bombs, in a district of central Kabul province, an official said on Wednesday.


    Karzai again fails to meet deadline on cabinet

    KABUL (PAN): Hamid Karzai on Wednesday yet again failed to meet a deadline imposed by the Wolesi Jirga, or lower house of parliament, to introduce his remaining cabinet picks.

    Security and Crime

    Security to be tightened ahead of Kabul conference

    KABUL (PAN): Security arrangements for the Kabul Conference next month are already in place, security officials said on Monday.