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    Terrorists can’t scuttle Afghan peace bid: UNSC

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): The United Nations Security Council on Thursday condemned the Kabul attack, asserting that no terror act could reverse the path toward peace, democracy and stability in Afghanistan.


    No change in troop level post 2014: Pentagon

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): The Pentagon on Tuesday ruled out any change in US troop level of 9,800 in post-2014 Afghanistan as determined by President Obama earlier, but said that talks with NATO partners were underway in this regard.


    UN Security Council condemns Paktika attack

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): The UN Security Council on Monday condemned the terrorist attack in Paktika reiterating that no terrorist act can reverse the path towards Afghan-led peace, democracy and stability in the country.


    'Afghan forces may get combat enabler support'

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): US President Barack Obama has newly decided that American troops “may provide combat enabler support” to Afghan forces post-2014 in limited circumstances to prevent detrimental strategic effects on them.


    Afghanistan dominates Gen Sharif US visit

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): The current situation in Afghanistan, post 2014 and the recent improvements in Af-Pak relationship dominated the discussions that the visiting Pakistani Army Chief, Gen. Raheel Sharif, has had with the top American leadership – both civilian and the military.


    UN resolution applauds transfer of power

    Washington (Pajhwok): The UN General Assembly has passed a unanimous resolution applauding the peaceful transfer of power in Afghanistan and establishment of the unity government after general elections earlier this year.


    US welcomes TAPI project commitment

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): Welcoming the establishment of TAPI Ltd, the United States on Wednesday favoured a successful completion of the ambitious gas transportation project from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.


    ‘US needs sustained aid to Afghanistan’

    WASHINGTON (PAN): The United States needs to sustain its financial and security assistance to Afghanistan to ensure lasting peace and stability in the war-torn country, a President Obama confident has said.


    Haqqanis threat to regional security, US reminds Pakistan

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): The US on Wednesday reminded Pakistan that the Haqqani network was as much a threat to regional security as any other terrorist group.


    Nearly $420m worth of equipment lost in Afghanistan

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): US Army equipment and supplies in Afghanistan worth hundreds of millions of dollars have been lost or are unaccounted for, a report has said.