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    UNSC slams assault on Indian mission

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): The United Nations Security Council on Friday strongly condemned a terrorist attack on the Indian Consulate in Herat province and underlined the need to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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    Ex-contractor pleads guilty to fraud charges

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): A former employee of a US contractor on Friday pleaded guilty to a fraud conspiracy in connection with a contract for reconstruction-related services in Afghanistan.


    Post-2014 mission: 16,000 troops suggested

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): A former Pentagon official on Tuesday recommended a presence of minimum of 10,000 US troops and another 6,000 from NATO countries post 2014, saying anything less would be unhelpful in achieving American goals in the country.


    US links future presence to BSA signing

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): US President Barack Obama would evaluate his options on Afghanistan only after the bilateral security agreement (BSA) was signed, the White House said on Tuesday.


    Act now on Afghanistan, Obama admin told

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): An eminent think-tank on Monday asked the Obama administration to clearly inform the Afghan people and the incoming government about the conditions for continued support and make sure they accepted the American terms.


    Decision on troop presence soon: Dempsey

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): The United States is on the verge of a decision on an enduring presence in Afghanistan post 2014, a top military leader said on Wednesday.


    Kerry assures Afghan journalists of support

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday met 10 leading women journalists from Afghanistan, demonstrating his commitment to helping them retain and expand their influence in post-2014 political and security transition.


    ANSF need to mature, says Dempsey aide

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): The Afghan National Security Forces need to mature and there are still gaps in its capabilities, even as they have made remarkable progress, a top Dempsey aide has said.

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    Obama to honour American sergeant

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): US President, Barack Obama would present an award to an American sergeant for his courageous action in Afghanistan in 2007, the White House said Friday.


    Bathija presents credentials as Afghan envoy

    WASHINGTON (Pajhwok): New Afghan Ambassador to Canada Sham Lall Bathija on Tuesday presented his letters of credence to Canadian Governor General David Johnston at a ceremony in Rideau Hall, Ottawa.