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    Security and Crime

    Coalition troops apologise for civilian deaths

    KHOST CITY (PAN): NATO-led coalition troops based in southeastern Khost province on Tuesday apologised for an operation that resulted in the death of civilians.


    Cricket players trained in Khost

    KHOST CITY (PAN): Dozens of cricket players have received training from the Afghan Youth Cricket Support Organisation (AYCSO) in the southeastern province of Khost, officials said on Saturday.

    Security and Crime

    Khost council office closed in protest over civilian deaths

    KHOST CITY (PAN): Provincial council members in southeastern Khost province on Thursday closed the council's office in protest against a joint Afghan-international security operation that resul



    Security and Crime

    6 killed in Khost operation

    KHOST CITY (PAN):  Six people including women and children were killed and two others injured during a joint operation in the southeastern province of Khost, residents and officials said on Th


    Khost residents satisfied with their MPs

    KHOST CITY (PAN): The residents of the mountainous southeastern border province of Khost are happy with their MPs.

    Security and Crime

    Security measures block access to Khost historic sites

    KHOST CITY (PAN): Police have established check-points at historic sites in southeastern Khost province and have been refusing to allow the authorities concerned to maintain the sites, officials sa


    Imams refuse to pray for dead Afghan soldiers in Khost

    KHOST CITY (PAN): People in the southeastern province of Khost complain that some Imams – Islamic prayer leaders – will not perform prayers at the funerals of dead Afghan soldiers and p


    Karzai vows assistance in phone call with Khost governor

    KABUL (PAN): President Karzai on Saturday spoke by telephone with the Khost provincial governor to offer assistance to families affected by a recent ISAF airstrike, officials said.