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    Mawladad Yaqobi

    Mawladad Yaqobi is Pajhwok Video Journalist from Herat Province


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    Bayat-funded girls’ school inaugurated in Herat (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): An outside view of a newly inaugurated girls' secondary school in Ghoran d

    Security and Crime

    New security director appointed in Herat (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): Newly appointed security director in Herat Police Headquarter, Gen.

    Security and Crime

    15 Taliban fighters lay down weapons (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): Provincial officials in western Herat province say a 15-member Taliban gro


    New phase of security transition concerns Herat council (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): Provincial council members on Monday voiced their deep concern over the an

    Security and Crime

    Taliban-designated district chief among 4 join gov (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): A Taliban-designated district chief for Chesht Mullah Abdul Rahman Maldar


    23 couples tie knot at mass-marriage ceremony (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): Couples stand in line during a mass marriage ceremony in western Herat pro

    Security and Crime

    5 kidnappers arrested in Herat (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): Five alleged criminals are shown by a security officer in western Herat pr

    Security and Crime

    72 freed in Herat under presidential decree (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): Seventy-two prisoners, including four women, were released from the c


    Thousands gather in Herat to voice support for Ismail Khan (Video)

    HERAT CITT (PAN):  More than 2000 people during a gathering in western Herat province o