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    Mawladad Yaqobi

    Mawladad Yaqobi is Pajhwok Video Journalist from Herat Province


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    Significant increase in TB cases in Herat (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): Tuberculoses infected patients hold banners asking government for providin


    Building for Herat ambulance service inaugurated (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): An Italian-funded building for the ambulance service was inaugurated


    International conference tributes Rumi in Herat (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): Representatives from various countries attended a conference to give tribu


    Accountability week launches in Herat (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): The second annual public accountability forum, involving department heads,

    Security and Crime

    Muqbil: High demand behind increased drug production (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): The counternarcotics minister on Saturday listed high international d

    Security and Crime

    Italy renews commitment to Afghanistan (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): Italian Defence Minister Giampaolo Di Paola, during a visit to wester

    Security and Crime

    35 Taliban fighters surrender in Herat (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): Thirty-five Taliban fighters, including a commander, joined the peace

    Security and Crime

    70 security officials fired in west (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): Seventy security officials were fired on charges of corruption and mi

    Security and Crime

    35 dead in attack on NATO convoy (Video)

    FARAH CITY (PAN): Thirty Taliban fighters and five private security guards were killed

    Security and Crime

    Terror group busted in Herat (Video)

    HERAT CITY (PAN): A four-member group, accused of masterminding several attacks and plo