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    Ghazni to get $6m for development projects

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development would provide $6 million for development projects in southern Ghazni province, officials said on Tuesday.


    Rains bring hope to Ghazni growers

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): Recent rains have brought a ray of hope to farmers and landowners in southern Ghazni province, which witnessed a prolonged dry spell over the past few years.

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    Taliban execute carjackers in Ghazni

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): The Taliban said on Saturday they had executed three alleged highwaymen four days after they were captured while stealing cars in southern Ghazni province.

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    3 militants killed, 2 wounded

    GHAZNI (PAN): Three Taliban were killed and two others wounded during a joint operation in southern Ghazni province, an official said on Monday.

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    Fake ghee factory discovered in Ghazni

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): Intelligence operatives have closed a fake ghee factory in the southern province of Ghazni, an official said on Monday.


    Taliban radio goes on air in Ghazni

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): The Taliban's FM radio has launched three-hour transmissions in several districts of southern Ghazni province, officials said on Sunday.


    Historic Ghazni religious school to reopen soon

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): The historic religious school "Noor-ul-Madaris" would soon be reopened, six years after it was closed for its alleged use by militants in Andher district of southern Ghazni province, officials said on Thursday.

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    Nawa residents grappling with poverty

    GHAZNI (PAN): The residents of the Nawa district in southern Ghazni province are facing extreme poverty, officials said on Sunday.

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    Absenteeism closes district offices in Ghazni

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN):  Almost all government offices have been closed in 12 districts of southern Ghazni province for more than four years, officials said on Wednesday.

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    5 bomb planters killed in Ghazni

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): Five bomb planters were killed after the joint force targeted them on Kabul-Kandahar highway in southern Ghazni province, an official said on Wednesday.