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    Security and Crime

    Driver dies, 2 oil tankers torched in accident

    AIBAK (PAN): Two oil carrying tankers were torched after a collision that left one of the tankers' drivers dead in northern Samangan province, a senior traffic official said on Monday.

    Security and Crime

    District chief survives bomb attack in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): A district chief escaped unhurt in a bomb blast that wounded an intelligence official in northern Samangan province on Wednesday, an official said on Wednesday.


    New district police HQ inaugurated

    AIBAK (PAN): A newly-constructed building for the district police headquarters has been inaugurated in northern Samangan province, officials said on Sunday.

    Security and Crime

    Eight Afghans reported killed in Tajikistan

    AIBAK (PAN): Eight Afghan citizens were killed by Tajik forces after they crossed the border into the neighbouring country from northern Samangan province, residents said on Wednesday, but local officials expressed unawareness about the incident.

    Business & Economics

    2,095 Samangan families receive food

    AIBAK (PAN): About 307 tonnes of food were distributed to 2,095 families in the northwestern province of Samangan, an official said on Sunday.


    4 health clinics to be built in north

    AIBAK CITY (PAN): Four new health clinics will be constructed in northern Samangan province by the Swedish Committee at the cost of $470,733 (23,000,000 afs), officials said on Thursday.

    Security and Crime

    37 uplift schemes executed in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): Thirty-seven development schemes, benefitting nearly 13,000 families, have been executed in the northern province of Samangan, an official said on Saturday.

    AgricultureNo details available

    Food shortages feared in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): Lack of a proper irrigation system and an ongoing dry spell could lead to severe food shortages in the northern province of Samangan, farmers and officials warned on Monday.


    700 water filters distributed to Samangan villagers

    AIBAK (PAN): Hundreds of water filters were distributed to people in five villages of a district in northern Samangan province, officials said on Saturday.

    Security and Crime

    Pregnant woman's body found in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): The dead body of a 40-year-old pregnant woman was found in northern Samangan province on Sunday morning, a police official said.