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    Security and Crime

    37 uplift schemes executed in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): Thirty-seven development schemes, benefitting nearly 13,000 families, have been executed in the northern province of Samangan, an official said on Saturday.

    AgricultureNo details available

    Food shortages feared in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): Lack of a proper irrigation system and an ongoing dry spell could lead to severe food shortages in the northern province of Samangan, farmers and officials warned on Monday.


    700 water filters distributed to Samangan villagers

    AIBAK (PAN): Hundreds of water filters were distributed to people in five villages of a district in northern Samangan province, officials said on Saturday.

    Security and Crime

    Pregnant woman's body found in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): The dead body of a 40-year-old pregnant woman was found in northern Samangan province on Sunday morning, a police official said.


    Wheat price up by 40pc in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): The price of wheat increased by 40 percent over the last two weeks due to inadequate rains and high demand in northern Samangan province, residents complained on Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    Kidnapped civilian freed; captors arrested

    AIBAK (PAN): Intelligence operatives arrested two Taliban kidnappers and released a captive from their captivity in northern Samangan province, officials said on Tuesday.


    8 schools inaugurated in Samangan

    SAMANGAN (PAN): More than 3,000 students would benefit from the inauguration of eight schools in northern Samangan province, an official said on Saturday.


    Iran opposes permanent American bases

    AIBAK (PAN):  By establishing permanent military bases in Afghanistan, the United States wants to use the Central Asian nation for achieving its objectives in the region, an Iranian diplomat s

    Business & Economics

    Welfare schemes launched in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): With the launch of 35 projects in Aibak, the capital of northern Samangan province, 1,100 people have been provided work opportunities, an official said on Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    Samangan PRT troops withdraw

    AIBAK (PAN): Swedish and Finnish soldiers at the provincial reconstruction team in northern Samangan province have left after a protest demonstration against the Quran burning incident threatened t