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    Independent panel opposes super-skilled jobs

     KABUL (PAN): The Independent Administrative Reform & Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) on Tuesday criticised super-skilled jobs, calling for an end to the payment of such high wages.

    Security and Crime

    Afghans rally against executions in Iran

    KABUL (PAN): More than a hundred people on Thursday rallied in Kabul against the execution of death-row Afghans in Iranian jails, asking the neighbouring country to immediately release the bodies to the victims' relatives.


    Traditional assembly may be extended for a day

    KABUL (PAN): As differences among its committees on evolving a mechanism for peace negotiations with the insurgents persisted, the ongoing Loya Jirga could be extended, an official indicated on Friday.

    Security and Crime

    11 held for military gear sales in Kabul

    KABUL (PAN): Nearly a dozen people were arrested by security forces for selling military tools in Kabul, while six militants were killed during operations in eastern Afghanistan over the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Interior said on Friday.


    MPs stress respect for democratic values

    KABUL (PAN): Members of Parliament on Monday called for institutionlising democracy in Afghanistan and conscientising the people about the system of governance.


    US supports Taliban political office in Qatar

    KABUL (PAN):  Wakil Ahmad Mutawakil, the Taliban foreign affairs minister, said on Tuesday that establishing a Taliban office in Doha, the capital of Qatar, would represent a significant step toward peace process in Afghanistan.


    Over 200 youth receiving cricket skills

    KABUL (PAN): The Loba Sports Training Organization (LSTO) facilitated a cricket learning training to over two hundred youth in the capital Kabul, an official said on Monday.

    Security and Crime

    Past 24 hours: 11 militants killed, 36 detained

    KABUL (PAN):  Nearly a dozen militants have been killed and another 36 detained across the country over the past 24 hours, the interior ministry said on Sunday.


    9 poll candidates granted parliament membership

    KABUL (PAN): The Independent Election Commission (IEC) had granted Parliament membership to nine candidates who have been declared as winners to replace as many sitting disqualified MPs, an officia

    Security and Crime

    Afghan journalists seek release of Al Jazeera reporter

    KABUL (PAN): Afghan journalists on Sunday strongly condemned the arrest of an Al Jazeera private TV channel reporter by Israeli authorities, asking the international community for help in this rega