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    In Samangan, mobile team operates on eye patients

    AIBAK (PAN): A mobile medical team of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has provided free treatment to hundreds of eye patients in northern Samangan province.

    Security and Crime

    Rebels extort money from truckers in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): As the insurgency has significantly slowed down the pace of development projects in Dara-i-Sauf district of northern Samangan province, the militants are charging a tax on coal trucks,


    Retaining wall being built in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): A 450 metres retaining wall project, worth $213,000, was launched in the Hazrat Sultan district of northern Samangan province on Monday, an official said.


    Farmers receive improved seed, fertilisers

    AIBAK (PAN): Farmers in northern Samangan province on Saturday received more than 108 tonnes of improved quality wheat seed and fertilisers, officials said.


    Samangan road project benefits thousands

    AIBAK (PAN): The construction of a 22-kilometre road in a remote village of northern Samangan province connected locals and provided two- month job opportunities for a thousand residents.


    7 schools to be constructed in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): The foundation stone of a girls’ school has been laid and construction on six other schools will be started within a month in northern Samangan province, officials said on Wednes

    Security and CrimeNo details available

    Swedish soliders hurt in Samangan battle

    AYBAK (PAN): Taliban militants ambushed a joint convoy of foreign and Afghan forces in northern Samagan province, sparking a gun-battle, which left two insurgents dead and two Swedish soldiers woun


    Widows, poor, get chickens to breed in the north

    AIBAK (PAN):  Nearly 5,000 chickens have been distributed to dozens of widows and other destitute people in the northern province of Samangan, an official said.

    Accidents & Disasters

    Residents trained on how to deal with natural disasters

    AIBAK (PAN): A number of families in northern Samangan province on Sunday were provided with equipment used in avoiding damages by natural disasters after completing training on how to deal with em

    Security and CrimeNo details available

    Militants attack deminers in Samangan

    AIBAK (PAN): One deminer was killed and four others were wounded in an insurgent attack in the northern province of Samangan on Thursday, officials said.