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    Many historic Zabul sites lie in neglect

    QALAT (Pajhwok): Many historic sites in southern Zabul province are on the verge of collapse, warn locals and officials of the Information and Culture Department, stressing their preservation.

    Security and Crime

    Would-be suicide bombers killed in Zabul

    QALAT (Pajhwok): Three suspected suicide bombers were killed during a police raid in the Shar-i-Safa district of southern Zabul province on Monday, an official said.

    Security and Crime

    Roadside bombing kills 7 ANA soldiers

    QALAT (Pajhwok): At least seven Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers were killed and five others wounded in a roadside bombing in southern Zabul province on Monday, an official said.

    Security and Crime

    2 policemen killed in Zabul suicide blast

    QALAT (Pajhwok): Two policemen were killed and as many wounded in a suicide attack in southern Zabul province on Wednesday evening, the provincial police chief said.


    Suicide bomber blown up by own explosives

    QALAT (Pajhwok): A suicide bomber was killed by his own explosives before he could reach his target in southern Zabul province on Sunday, an official said.


    Greater enthusiasm seen among Zabul voters

    QALAT (Pajhwok): Tens of thousands of people exercised their voting right in southern Zabul province, where the electoral process ended satisfactory, officials said on Saturday.

    QALAT, May 26, 2014: Brig. Gen. Ghulam Sakhi Rogh Lewanai, Zabul police chief, speaks to journalists.
    PAJHWOK/Nasim Hotak

    Security and Crime

    Taliban closing in on Nawbahar district

    QALAT (Pajhwok): Local officials on Thursday warned the Nawbahar district of southern Zabul province faced serious problems and could fall into the hands of Taliban if no action was taken on an emergency footing.

    Security and Crime

    Suicide car bombing plot foiled in Qalat

    QALAT (Pajhwok):  A joint Afghan-ISAF force detected and precisely destroyed an explosives-laden car ready for a suicide attack in the capital of southern Zabul province on Thursday, police said.

    Security and Crime

    Commander among 10 ALP personnel killed

    QALAT/MEHTARLAM (Pajhwok): Ten Afghan Local Police (ALP) officials, including a commander, were killed in two fresh incidents of violence in southern Zabul and eastern Laghman provinces, officials said on Wednesday.