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    Security and Crime

    ISAF loses 6 soldiers in Zabul plane crash

    QALAT (PAN): Six International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) soldiers were killed in a plane crash in southern Zabul province on Tuesday, officials said.

    Security and Crime

    Children among 4 civilians dead in blasts

     KALAT CITY (PAN): Four civilians, including three children, were killed in two different bomb blasts in southern Kandahar and Zabul provinces on Monday, official said.

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    Zabul police detain 2 with 175kg of opium

    QALAT (PAN): Police have detained two smugglers and recovered 175 kilograms of opium from their possession in southern Zabul province, said a provincial security official on Wednesday.


    18 rebels perish in Zabul airstrikes

    QALAT (PAN): Eighteen armed militants have been killed in airstrikes by foreign troops in the Arghandab district of southern Zabul province, security officials on Sunday.

    Security and Crime

    Bullet-riddled bodies of 7 soldiers found

    QALAT (PAN): Security officials in southern Zabul province said on Wednesday the Taliban had killed the seven Afghan soldiers they kidnapped a month ago on the Kabul-Kandahar highway.

    Security and Crime

    A dozen dead in new wave of violence

    HERAT CITY (PAN): A dozen people, mostly militants, have been killed and six others wounded in separate incidents of violence in different province, officials said on Sunday.

    Security and Crime

    9 civilians, police killed in Zabul bombing

    QALAT (PAN): Nine people have been killed and a dozen others wounded in a bomb explosion in the Shah Joi district of southern Zabul province, officials said on Monday.

    QALAT, Jun 30, 2013: Site of an explosion close to the provincial peace council office in southern Zabul province.

    Security and Crime

    Zabul crime branch chief wounded in blast

    QALAT (PAN): One policeman was killed and the crime branch chief for southern Zabul province injured along with two others in an explosion, an official said on Sunday.

    Security and Crime

    6 bombers killed, public reps injured

    QALAT (PAN): Six suicide bombers were killed after they stormed the provincial council office in southern Zabul province on Monday, leaving 20 people, including two public representatives injured, officials said.