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    Security and Crime

    Senior Taliban leader shot dead in Quetta

    QALAT (PAN): A Taliban-designated governor for southern Zabul province was among five insurgents have been killed in Pakistan’s southeastern Balochistan province, an official said on Tuesday.


    Flood-mitigation projects launched in Zabul

    QALAT (PAN): A major flood mitigation project began with the construction works on two protective walls commencing on Wednesday in southern Zabul Province.

    Security and Crime

    Land grab in Qalat continues, say officials

    QALAT (PAN): With real estate prices shooting up, powerful warlords are trying to make a quick buck by seizing state-owned land, rendering many poor individuals homeless in Qalat, the capital of southern Zabul province, an official revealed on Tuesday.

    Security and Crime

    3 militants killed in Zabul airstrike

    QALAT (PAN): Three militants, planting roadside bombs, were killed in a predawn NATO-led airstrike in southern Zabul province, an official said on Monday.

    QALAT, Mar 15, 2012: A view of protest in southern Zabul province, against the killing of innocent civilians in Panjwai district.

    Security and Crime

    Hundreds rally in Qalat over Kandahar massacre

    QALAT (PAN): Hundreds of people in Qalat, the capital of southern Zabul province, staged a peaceful protest demonstration on Thursday against the killing of civilians by US troops in neighbouring Kandahar province.

    QALAT, Mar 08, 2012: A number of women stand in honor national anthem while marking International Women's Day in southern Zabul province on Thursday.  PAJHWOK/Nasim Hotak 

    QALAT, Mar 03, 2012: A child from a destitute family stands along with the winter assistance donated by the provincial department of the National Disasters Management Authority (NDMA) and other c

    Security and Crime

    12 years old rape victim seeks release from jail

    QALAT (PAN): A 12-year-old girl on Thursday complained she had been sent to jail after being raped by her neighbour in the Shahr-i-Safa district of southern Zabul province.

    Security and Crime

    Commander among 9 rebels held

    QALAT (PAN): A commander among nine Taliban fighters arrested during separate operations by Afghan and international troops in southern Afghanistan, officials said on Tuesday.