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    Islamabad plans to register illegal Afghans

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): The government in Islamabad says it has worked out a comprehensive plan to register around 1.5 million illegal Afghan refugees living in different parts of Pakistan.


    Pakistan peace negotiations suspended

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): Members of the Pakistani government committee suspended peace talks with representatives of militants on Tuesday after a string of deadly attacks in the country.


    Sharif bills Ankara summit as a success

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): The Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between Afghanistan and the US is an issue that should be decided by Afghanistan in its best interest, the Pakistani prime minister said on Saturday.


    Summit to help stabilise Afghanistan: Pakistan

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): The trilateral summit being held in Ankara would help maintain peace and stability in Afghanistan and region at large, Pakistan hoped on Thursday.


    13 police killed in Karachi suicide bombing

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): More than a dozen policemen were killed on Thursday morning when a suicide bomber struck a police bus in Pakistan's port city of Karachi, officials said.


    Stage set for trilateral summit in Ankara

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday arrived in Turkey to attend the 8th Afghanistan-Pakistan-Turkey Trilateral Summit, the foreign ministry announced.


    9 of a family dead in Peshawar attack

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): Nine people of the same family were killed on Wednesday when unidentified gunmen stormed a house on the outskirts of Peshawar, the capital of northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, officials said.

    GovernanceNo details available

    12 dead in Peshawar cinema house blasts

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): At least a dozen people were killed and 25 others injured as a series of blasts rattled a popular cinema house in Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Tuesday, officials said.


    Pakistan peace talks may yield ceasefire

    ISLAMABAD(Pajhwok): The government in Islamabad and the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) are expected to agree on a ceasefire, as a brittle peace process continues, negotiators indicated on Tuesday.


    4 women dead in Peshawar suicide attack

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): Four women were killed and five others, including children, wounded in a suicide attack in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Peshawar on Monday, police said.