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    9 of a family dead in Peshawar attack

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): Nine people of the same family were killed on Wednesday when unidentified gunmen stormed a house on the outskirts of Peshawar, the capital of northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, officials said.

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    12 dead in Peshawar cinema house blasts

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): At least a dozen people were killed and 25 others injured as a series of blasts rattled a popular cinema house in Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Tuesday, officials said.


    Pakistan peace talks may yield ceasefire

    ISLAMABAD(Pajhwok): The government in Islamabad and the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) are expected to agree on a ceasefire, as a brittle peace process continues, negotiators indicated on Tuesday.


    4 women dead in Peshawar suicide attack

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): Four women were killed and five others, including children, wounded in a suicide attack in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Peshawar on Monday, police said.

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    17 dead in Karachi, Balochistan shootouts

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): Seventeen people were killed and dozens wounded in two separate overnight shootings in southern Pakistan, officials said.


    Pakistan has no favourites in Afghanistan: Aziz

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): Pakistan has reaffirmed its commitment to continued support for the Afghan-owned reconciliation process for the sake of durable stability in the region.


    Taliban assure security of Pakistani negotiators

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): Pakistan militants have offered security to members of negotiating committees in areas under their control, as preparations continue for peace talks in the nuclear-capable South Asian country.


    Islamabad rejects Spanta’s remarks

    ISLAMABAD (Pajhwok): Pakistan has reiterated its commitment to supporting an Afghan-led peace process, denying Kabul’s allegation of interference from Islamabad in its internal affairs.


    Sharif offers olive branch to Taliban

    ISLAMABAD (Pajwhok): The Pakistan government on Wednesday promised to pursue peace negotiations with Taliban militants, announcing a four-member committee to facilitate the process.


    6 dead, 9 injured in Peshawar explosion

    ISLAMABAD (PAN): Six people, including two children, were killed and nine others wounded on Thursday when a bomb tore through a car workshop in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Peshawar, the capital of troubled Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, officials said.