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    GHAZNI CITY, 22, 2012: Pedestrians walk on a snow-covered road in southern Ghazni province.

    GHAZNI CITY, 22, 2012: A passerby gives away some money to a beggar sitting in snow on a road in southern Ghazni province.

    Security and Crime

    Insurgent group surrenders in Ghazni (Video)

    GHAZNI CITY (PAN): A 20-member insurgent group joined the government-initiated peace pr

    GHAZNI CITY, Jan 12, 2012: Security officers present a guard of honor during a ceremony marking the security transition to Afghan forces from their foreign counterparts in southern Ghazni provinc

    Security and Crime

    Ghazni City security transitions to Afghan lead (Video)

    GHAZNI, Jan 12, 2012: The security responsibility for Ghazni City, the capital of south

    Business & Economics

    Ghazni women's handicrafts go on display (Video)

    GHAZNI CITY, Jan 11, 2012: Local women's handicrafts were showcased at exhibition in so

    GHAZNI CITY, Jan 11, 2012: Women showcase their handicrafts at an exhibition on completing a four-month training course in southern Ghazni province.
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    Three historical monuments inaugurated in Ghazni (Video)

    GHAZNI CITY, Jan 10, 2012: A view of a historic monoment in southern Ghazni province.

    GHAZNI CITY, Jan 10, 2012: A view of a historic temple in southern Ghazni province.
    Reconstruction works at three historic temples has been executed, PAJHWOK/ No details available

    GHAZNI CITY, Jan 10, 2012: Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan Fida Hussain Maliky alonig with Ghazni Governor Musa Khan Akbarzada briefs media people upon their visit to southern Ghazni province.<