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    Afghan population set to reach 27.5m this year

    KABUL (PAN): Afghanistan’s population is projected to reach nearly 27.5 million in 2013, the Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) said on Tuesday.


    Pakistan asked to walk the talk on peace drive

    KABUL (PAN): Afghanistan on Monday asked Pakistan to go beyond statements of pious intent and take practical and immediate measures to help it restore peace and stability.


    Marjan, a symbol of courage against Taliban in Uruzgan

    KABUL (PAN): Marjan, 50, the only female member of the provincial council in central Uruzgan province, says it was her long resistance against the Taliban that translated into her election as member of the council.

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    Civil society seeks changes in election law

    KABUL (PAN): Civil society organisations (CSOs) on Tuesday suggested amendments to a draft election law, calling for reserving one vice-presidential slot for women in next year’s ballot.


    IEC handed proposals of journalists on polls: Nai

    KABUL (PAN): A media advocacy group on Thursday said it had forwarded a package of recommendations to the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on behalf of journalists on how to enable them to have access to information and properly cover next year's presidential elections.

    Business & Economics

    Afghanistan's WTO accession by 2014 end

    KABUL (PAN): Afghanistan could become member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) by the end of 2014, a senior official said on Wednesday, insisting the possible integration with the global economy would help encourage foreign investment in the war-devastated country.


    100,000 students to make it to university

    KABUL (PAN): The Ministry of Higher Education on Saturday announced up to 100,000 students securing above 250 marks in the recent university entrance test would be allowed admission to public sector universities.


    Failing students rally against entry test results

    KABUL (PAN): Hundreds of high school graduates protested in Kabul on Saturday against what they claimed "fraudulently" failing them in the recent entrance test for admission to public sector universities.

    Security and Crime

    People's access to justice dropped 45pc: AIHRC

    KABUL (PAN): The Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) on Sunday voiced its deep concern over plummeting people's access to justice and law enforcement agencies, claiming 45 percent decline in the access ratio last year.

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    Revival of municipal tax irks traders

    KABUL (PAN): Hundreds of trucks laden with commercial goods have been stopped outside Kabul in protest against the revival of municipal taxes, asking the government to reverse its decision, an official said on Saturday.