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    Security and Crime

    German forces end combat mission in north

    MAZAR-I-SHARIF (Pajhwok): German forces, part of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), changed their combat mission into training and assisting Afghan security forces in northern Afghanistan, an alliance official said on Saturday.


    Hundreds rally against Israeli aggression

    MAZAR-I-SHARIF (Pajhwok): Hundreds of Afghans on Friday rallied in central Kabul and northern Balkh provinces against deadly Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strips.  

    GovernanceMAZAR-E-SHARIF: Afghan and French archeologists have found around 100 pieces of historical monuments from Zargaran hill of Balkh district in Balkh province. They have conducted excavation progress in the area since four years ago. PAJHWOK/Zabiullah Ihsas

    Radio journalist shot dead in Mazar-i-Sharif

    MAZAR-I-SHARIF (Pajhwok): Unidentified gunmen shot dead an employee of the Lehza Radio Station inside his residence in northern Balkh province on Saturday, an official said.

    Security and CrimeNo details available

    Paktia governor’s guards killed by Balkh police

    MAZAR-I-SHARIF (Pajhwok): Paktia Governor Juma Khan Hamdard on Friday accused Balkh police of killing three of his bodyguards and wounding four others.


    15 people cast 15,000 votes in Balkh

    MAZAR-I-SHARIF (Pajhwok): The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Monday said 15 individuals had cast 15,000 votes in favour of a specific candidate in northern Balkh province.


    Anomalies alleged at Balkh polling sites

    MAZAR-I-SHARIF (Pajhwok): Independent Election Commission (IEC) officials on Sunday acknowledged fraud had been committed at a number of polling sites during yesterday’s runoff presidential election in northern Balkh province.


    Ballot stuffing alleged in parts of Balkh

    MAZAR-I-SHARIF (Pajhwok): The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Saturday said it had received reports about ballot-stuffing in some parts of northern Balkh province.


    Pakistan trying to derail runoff: Gen. Fazli

    MAZAR-I-SHARIF (Pajhwok): Commander of Afghan Border Police Gen. Mohammad Shafique Fazli on Wednesday said Pakistani forces had intensified rocket attacks on eastern provinces to sabotage the June 14 presidential runoff election.

    Security and Crime

    Probe into sexual abuse cases launched

    MAZAR-I-SHARIF (Pajhwok): A new organisation of women has launched an investigation into cases of women and child abuse in northern provinces, an official said on Monday.