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    Cautious optimism about Karzai’s visit

    KABUL (PAN): Some political analysts are hopeful about the outcome of President Hamid Karzai’s latest trip to Islamabad, but the others believe the visit will be fruitless -- just like previous ones.


    Stability key condition for BSA signing: Karzai

    KABUL (PAN): Afghanistan would resume negotiations with the United States on an important security pact only if its conditions were met, President Hamid Karzai announced on Saturday on Saturday.

    Business & Economics

    Flour, fuel & gold prices up in Kabul

    KABUL (PAN): Prices of flour, rice, fuel and gold edged up during the outgoing week in Kabul, where rates of other daily-use commodities stayed stable, market sources  said on Thursday.

    Business & Economics

    Land for industrial park yet to be allotted: AISA

    KABUL (PAN): The Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) on Tuesday complained the government, granting the visa facility for entrepreneurs, was yet to provide land for an industrial park in the Kamari area of Kabul.

    Business & Economics

    Food prices surge, gold stable in Kabul

    KABUL (PAN): The prices of flour, rice and sugar edged up during the outgoing week in Kabul, where rates of other daily-use commodities stayed stable, retailers said on Thursday.

    Security and Crime

    Toy guns lead to 45 kids sustaining injuries

    KABUL (PAN): Toy guns have led to injuries among 45 children during Eidul Fitr holidays in Kabul, amid illegal sales of firecrackers despite a government warning prior to the festival.

    Business & Economics

    Dried fruit prices surge ahead of Eid

    KABUL (PAN): The prices of dried fruits have shot up and that of others fell in Kabul markets ahead of the religious festival of Eidul Fitr.


    School vacation extended due to hot spell

    KABUL (PAN): The Ministry of Education on Wednesday announced extending the summer vacation to Aug 11 due to the ongoing heat wave and the holy month of fasting.

    Accidents & Disasters

    Heat wave to persist for a week or so

    KABUL (PAN): Residents have been complaining over the past few days of intense heat in different parts of the country, with the mercury soaring to 50 degrees centigrade in several provinces.

    Business & Economics

    Afghanistan’s exports up by 40pc

    KABUL (PAN): Afghanistan’s exports increased by 40 percent in the first quarter of 2013, compared to the corresponding period last year, a senior trader representative said.