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    January 2012

    HERAT CITY, Mar 08, 2012: Militants who joined the peace process in western Herat province pose for a photograph at a reconciliation programme on Thursday.

    NEW DELHI, Feb 27, 2012: Air Marshal Naresh Verma inaugurates a friendly football match between Afghan and Indian air force players in New Delhi, the capital city of India.

    KABUL, Feb 23, 2012: Protesters, holding banners, chant anti-US slogans as security officials block their way during a demonstration against the alleged Quran burning incident in Kabul City.

    KUNDUZ CITY, Feb 09, 2012: Officers of Afghan Special Force (ASP) take part in military exercises in northern Kunduz province.

    KABUL, Feb 02, 2012: Former lawmaker from southeastern Khost province Pacha Khan Zadran,talks to pajhwok in an exclusive interview PAJHWOK/Matiullah Khan 

    PUL-I-KHUMRI, Feb 01, 2012: Weapons are put on display after seized by intelligence officials in northern Baghlan province.
    PAJHWOK/No details available