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    Nimroz residents unhappy with MPs (Video)

    NIMROZ, Dec 12, 2011: Some residents of the southwestern province of Nimroz accuse their MP


    Unsuccessful election runner says MPs failed to identify their duties (Video)

    HERAT, Dec 12, 2011: Unsuccessful September 18th parliamentary election runner Atefa


    Paktia residents unhappy with lawmakers (Video)

    PAKTIA, Dec 08, 2011: Residents of south-eastern Paktia province say that their MPs have not fol


    Laghmanis say MPs inaccessible (Video)

    LAGHMAN, Dec 08, 2011: The residents of eastern Laghman province are dissatisfied with thei


    Kunduz residents dissatisfied with their parliamentarians (Video)

    KUNDUZ, Dec 05, 2011: The residents of northern Kunduz province are dissatisfied with their