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    JALALABAD, Dec 08, 2012: Muhammad Ismail Khan, Minister of Water and Energy, Governor Gul Agha Sherzai, ministers and MPs attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate a power supply project of

    JALALABAD, Dec 03, 2012: Disabled people attend a gathering aimed at marking International Day of Poeple with Disability in eastern Nangarhar province.
    PAJHWOK/Mahbob Shah Mahbob

    MEHTARLAM, Nov 27, 2012: Bodies of two insurgents killed in a government military operation in eastern Laghman province are shown to journalists.
    PAJHWOK/Mahbob Shah Mahbob

    JALALALBAD, Nov 27, 2012: Students of Education Faculty at the Nangarhar University attend a day-long seminar on counter-narcotics in eastern Nangarhar province.

    JALALABAD, Nov 26, 2012: Students at the Nangarhar University stage a protest against the recent execution of an Afghan National Army (ANA) officer who killed 5 foreign troops and wounded 18 othe

    JALALABAD, Nov 21, 2012: Five robbers are shown to journalists by police officials after their arrest in eastern Nangarhar province.
    PAJHWOK/Mahbob Shah Mahbob

    JALALABAD, Nov 21, 2012: A view of the tent in which Nangarhar Provincial Council Member Abdul Baser Gulab, a member of the Nangarhar Provincial Council to stage a hunger strike to protest  th

    JALALABAD, Nov 21, 2012: Abdul Baser Gulab, member of Nangarhar Provincial Council (right), on a hunger strike against the government for not addressing the Behsood bridge protection which it is

    JALALABAD, Nov 19, 2012: Expired pharmaceuticals piled up by health officials for destruction in eastern Nangarhar province.

    JALALABAD, Nov 19, 2012: A volunteer administers polio drops to a child to kick-start a three-day anti-polio vaccination drive in eastern Nangarhar province.The campaign targets children ranging fr