In Paktia, use of Pakistani rupee on the rise

GARDEZ (Pajhwok): Residents of southeastern Paktia province allege local authorities have failed to ban the use of the Pakistaninfo-icon currency, whose circulation has increased.

Abdul Hamid Hamas, a resident of Gardez, told Pajhwok Afghan News the people bought and sold goods using the Pakistani rupee. “The use of the rupee will be banned if price lists showing the afghani are made and implemented.”

Sayeda Khan, claimed mist of the people carriedthe Pakistani currency instead of the afghani. He alleged the circulation of the rupee had not been banned completely.

Abdul Rahim, a shopkeeper in the provincial capital, also accused the authorities concerned of failing to restrict the use of the Pakistani rupee.

Bahi Khan Naibzaai, the owner of a grocery store, slammed the circulation of the rupee and said prices of goods should be fixed in afghanis and supplied to the market.

But Governor Shamim Khan Katawazi denied an increase in the use of the Pakistani currency. He insisted all transactionswere done in afghanis.

He also called for the provincial council, civil societyinfo-icon and the masses to discharge their responsibilities in this regard.

Banning the rupeehad been their priority and his administration would stop its circulation, the governor promised.


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