Paktia residents urge Taliban to stop violence finally

GARDEZ (Pajhwok): Residents of southeastern Paktia province on Wednesday called on Talibaninfo-icon insurgents to shun violence after their last demand was met.

As part of the Feb. 29 peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban, Kabulinfo-icon freed 5,000 Taliban inmates and, in return, the militant movement released 1,000 government soldiers.

On the first day of EidulAdah, President Ashraf Ghani suggested convening the Loya Jirga to decide the fate of the 400 prisoners on a Taliban list handed to his administration.

The Loya Jirga commenced on Friday and issued a resolution on Sunday, approving the release of the 400 Taliban prisoners who, the government says, are involved in high-profile attacks.

Haji Kiftan, a resident of Samkani district, told Pajhwok Afghan News that all people wanted peace not the continuation of war under any name.

He said, “I was happy hearing about the release of Taliban prisoners who are Afghans. Now the ball is in Taliban courts,  they should also address people’s demand which is lasting peace.”

Wali Khan, another resident of Zurmat district, termed the ongoing conflict as a foreign intelligence warfare in which only Afghans lost their lives.

Khan said, “We all want peace, we are tired of war, which has snatched everything from us.”

Badrai Jamali, another resident of Gardez City, the provincial capital, told Pajhwok that a number of her family members suffered causalities in a bomb blast in last Ramadaninfo-icon.

She added every Afghan knew hat the ongoing conflict only benefitted foreigners.

She called on the Taliban to renounce violence so people could live a peaceful life in their areas.

Mumtaz Karkhel, a member of the provincial council, told Pajhwok that all Afghans wanted an immediate end to the ongoing war, saying people were happy with the outcome of the recently held Consultative Loya Jirgainfo-icon in Kabul.

A number of other residents held similar views and urged the Taliban to take measures for lasting peace in the country and stop their ongoing violence across the country.



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