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Nations fail to fight extremism

Jul 16, 2016 - 09:47
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Does extremism knock at every door in today’s worldinfo-icon?

The fire of the war produced by extremism has already reached Islam’s second holiest city after Meccainfo-icon. A suicide bomber killed four security officers and injured five others in the holy city of Medinainfo-icon. Al-Medina mosqueinfo-icon is the holy burial place of the holy Prophet Muhammad PBHU. On Monday, suicide attacks struck two other cities of Saudi. In the past one month more than 350 people were killed in Kabulinfo-icon, Orlando, Dhaka, Baghdad and Istanbul. IS chooses the holy month of Ramadaninfo-icon a month of bombing and turned it a bloodshed month. The question is why does extremism expanding swiftly?  

Only one day after 9/11 attacks, I came to my home with a big sack full of alfalfa on my shoulders, brought it for two cows, one cow was ours and the second belonged to my uncle Mateen. My uncle – Mateen was glad and told us the news of 9/11 attacks on the American soil. He happily told us that thousands of Americans were killed in the attacks of the planes. He learned the word from BBC Pashtoinfo-icon News service. He was telling success Dua’s to Osama Bin-Laden, who people considered a holy Mujahedeen leader. Though, I was small, but felt very bad for 2974 innocent lives lost in the attacks.

The roots of extremism in world history are precisely explicit from Alexander the great to the Adolf Hitler of Germany. Extremism empowered its roots during and after cold war. The terms of Warlordism, International Jihadinfo-icon, Al-Qaedaisation and the Talibanisation are taking base from the extremism of post-cold war in South-Asia, particularly from Pakistaninfo-icon. General Zia-ul-Haq is said to be the father of International Jihad in modern history that strongly supported extremist groups under his military dictatorship for Afghanistaninfo-icon, Jammu and Kashmir. Obliviously, he was spending the money of the West especially the United States which came for supporting the Afghan National Jihad against Russians in 1980s.  

In December 1979, the Russians invaded Afghanistan. The UN, the West and other Muslim countries stood beside us. We fought and defeated the Russian forces, unfortunately, prior to the Russian forces deep withdrawal in February 1989, Afghanistan was fully forgotten and again at civil war. Once, we were fighting against Russians, now, we were fighting among ourselves and killing our own people for power. Thus, we witness extremism in our country and the region. The radicalism and extremism rooted from here ruined the sky scrapers of America and its war ministry Pentagon where many innocent lives were taken.

The fighters from Mid-East were left in our country Afghanistan and some parts of Pakistan, by time, they have grown their extremist ideologies for extremism which follows terrorism and International Jihad and finally hit the American soil in 2001 and hitting Orlando, Dhaka, Kabul, Istanbul and finally the second holiest city of Muslims after Mecca now.

For almost 15 years the west, predominantly, the United States of America runs a war against terrorism. Very unfortunately, this time, the world faces a very hard extremist group by the name of Islamic State (Daesh). This group kills civilians so as to show their power. If their pace is not hindered as soon as possible, they will probably expand further immediately.

The extremism of our own misused ideologies, religious seminaries for political aims and the over-all efforts of the Pakistan intelligence establishment, - ISIinfo-icon, developed its strongest threat which is now knocking at every door in the world.

The world experienced very many ideaologies and movements, but the hardest one probably is the present extremism which daily kills hundreds of people world-wide and spread hatred between religions, mostly gave people of the world a wrong picture about Islam and Muslims. As a matter of fact, Islam is the religion of moderation.

Imtiaz Gul, a successful author about extremism, writes in his new account-The Al-Qaeda Connection, “For years, Pakistani agencies abetted in indoctrinating, motivating and training Jihadi cadres for export in the neighborhood-to Jammu and Kashmir and Afghanistan.”

Extremism threatens the life of womeninfo-icon and children in many Muslim Countries and even in France,-as we witnessed the recent deadliest attacks on civilians. Islamic State (IS) daily kills civilians in Iraq. In Afghanistan, we also sacrifice our lives in cities and in out reaches of villages.

According to UNAMA’s 2013 report on civilian causalities, only in the first six months of 2013, 166 civilians were killed and 405 others were wounded. This is a single instance that how much Afghans sacrifice in the current terrorism and extremism, leave alone, how many people are killed in suicide attacks, roadside bombs, airstrikes and etc.

Extremism challenges the life of everyone on earth. It hinders real Islam, democracy, social justice, internationalism and human rights at all levels. It is the most dangerous phenomenon in 21st century for humans. My message for all nations of the world is to work to gather to fight extremism and the current terrorism which roots from fanaticism of the day. For betterment of the lives of humans worldly, governments, nations, International Organizations and every individual should make efforts and struggle to remove extremism from the lives of humans. If we do not remove extremism, it will surely kill all of us.  

Extremism is the biggest threat for humans lives world-wide. It strongly challenges and will challenge all international values. A very oblivious instance is the current situation of Mid-East, South Asian countries particularly Afghanistan. Pakistan has always been very active in hatching secret agendas for supporting and exporting extremism and terrorism to the region and the world. First, the world needs to control the countries that support extremism directly or indirectly.

Islam never allows extremism, fanaticism, radicalism and killing of innocent people. Jihad never means to kill innocent people and give world threatening and oppression spirit. The overall mission of Islam is peace and stability. Islam seeks a vision of brotherhood and no bloodshed on earth. In Islam the purpose of real Jihad is to fight devil, to fight for betterment of the lives of people, but not to promote Muslim communal interests which we see in today’s so-called Jihad. Allah SWT says in holy Quraninfo-icon: ((That House of the Hereafter, We shall give to those who intend no high-handedness or mischief on earth: and the End is (best) for the righteous. -28:83)) It is proved that Jihad itself has very strict rules for not following them will be asked on Judgment Day in front of Allah SWT.

Finally, terrorism threatens the entire world. All nations of the world need to unanimously fight extremism. Still, nations fail to fight extremism which is the root of terrorism world-wide. Nations should know the real perception of Islam. Saudi should not indirectly support extremism. A world of United Nations can fight against extremism; otherwise, it will knock many doors again and again. 

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